Mini ZOO ,,Upeskalni"

Farm “Upeskalni” is one of the first Chinchilla nurseries in Latvia, it is possible to view and pet different colour chinchillas. You can also see Charole meat cows, who live outside all year.
Mini ZOO ,,Upeskalni"
We can meet rabbits, sheep, goats, quails, chickens, geese and turkeys. Children are welcomed to play in the park with 5 kind of swings and a sports field.

"Upeskalni", Ārlavas pagasts,Talsu novads

Working time
Please contact us beforehand.

Payment options
The entrance fee for gromnups is 2 EUR, students and the elderly 1.5 EUR, Children 1 Eur, Groups up to 20 people 1 EUR each.

Services and facilities
  • Pieejams cilvēkiem ar kustību traucējumiem
  • Aktivitātes bērniem
  • Piknika vieta
  • Autostāvvieta
  • Gida pakalpojumi
  • Atļauti dzīvnieki
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