Liepāja – the best summer holiday destination for families with children
We believe you have missed us as much as we have missed you. Therefore, keeping the responsible holiday planning in mind, the city of Liepāja has provided for a variety of holiday opportunities.
Present a Liepāja!
Liepāja Gift card is an exciting gift for making a great leisure in Liepāja.
Invitation to Enjoy Christmas Spirit in Ventspils
We invite you to enjoy the Christmas spirit by spending time in Ventspils.
The Slavic Seasonal Event “Svjatki” will be celebrated in Ventspils
The Slavic Seasonal Event "Svjatki" will be celebrated with festive concerts in Ventspils from 8 to 18 January.
Parish Day to Be Celebrated in Reņķa Garden
Parish Day – a celebration, in which representatives of Ventspils region are proud of their cultural and historical heritage, while Ventspils residents and city guests enjoy the goods brought from the countryside – will take place in Reņķa Garden on September 1.