The Children’s Festival returns to Ventspils in all its splendour
23.05.2022 - 15:00
On 29 May, children, teachers, parents, and city guests will go on a grand, loud parade “The Sea of the Rhythm”, marching from the square Lielais laukums to the Children’s Town, in order to officially open the Children’s Festival “The Wonderland”.
 Premiere of the composition by Krists Auznieks in Ventspils
23.05.2022 - 09:46
On 11 June, in the Concert Hall “Latvija” in Ventspils, the end of the season will be celebrated with a long-awaited event – the premiere of the quintuple concert “Four Angles” by the composer Krists Auznieks.
The 100th anniversary of Iannis Xenakis will be celebrated at the Concert Hall “Latvija”
09.05.2022 - 09:29
On 29 May, the round anniversary of the outstanding Greek composer, architect and unorthodox Iannis Xenakis will be celebrated by a spectacular two-part concert “Εκατό Χρόνια” or “One Hundred Years” in Ventspils, at the Concert Hall “Latvija”.
Go on an adventurous excursion in Liepāja!
19.05.2022 - 16:34
Find your adventurous side and experience new emotions.
 Plan a day trip to Ventspils
19.05.2022 - 14:27
Spring flowerbeds and the city’s green oases are waking up to a new flowering season, and with the awakening of nature, the city is waking up, and from now on, birds are singing all around, the fountains can be heard, smelled and smelled.
Friday evening walk “Direction: NEW” in Ventspils
17.05.2022 - 09:50
On 20 May, the evening walk will take a new course – from the square Lielais laukums, along the street Lielais prospekts, to the new Science and Innovation Centre “VIZIUM”.
Liepāja wins the title of European Capital of Culture 2027
11.05.2022 - 16:32
On Tuesday, 10 May, the international jury announced the winner of the European Capital of Culture 2027 title and the honour will go to the city of Liepāja.
 Museum Night at the Ventspils Museum
09.05.2022 - 11:02
On 14 May, the Ventspils Museum will also take part in the European Museum Night and open its doors to visitors free of charge.
Celebration of the Pārventa Festival with concerts and amazing light shows
05.05.2022 - 14:43
On 14 May, the Pārventa Festival will take place for the 13th time. Visitors of all generations are welcome to enjoy various events and activities, such as concerts, creative workshops, sports activities, and urban orienteering. The festival will be concluded with an amazing laser show.
The Duo ‘Vega Trails’ to Perform in Ventspils
21.04.2022 - 10:11
On 15 May, the London-based double-bass and wind duo ‘Vega Trails’ will give their only concert in Latvia, in the Concert Hall ‘Latvija’, within the cycle of contemporary music sessions ‘Ma’.
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